The organisation was formed in January 1973 by a group of parents with children who had asthma. They wanted to support each other and others in the community who were also affected by the condition. However, since those early days we have grown and our operational team and now manage a growing list of referrals.

The Team

We are a small hard working team here at Asthma Waikato. Our Asthma Educator sees children and their whānau for consults in our clinic, and also delivers asthma education around the community as required. The General Manager also delivers asthma education, as well as overseeing all aspects of service delivery, funding and overall management of the centre. Our Respiratory Support Worker manages bookings, admin and support in various ways to the rest of the team.

The Board

In recognition of the need to extend our services across the entire Waikato region, Asthma Waikato established a formal Board of Directors responsible for Best Practice Governance and to provide strategic direction. Our current Board members are (left to right):

Graeme Allen - Board Member
Peter Granville – Treasurer
Dr Hamish McCay – Board Chairperson
Rocky Rua - Board Member
Natalie Lulia - Board Member
Diana Aqilina - Board Member

Asthma Waikato Newsletter
The Asthma Link / Te Ha Ora Huango

Our Newsletter is full of news, views and home truths to encourage and inform people with breathing difficulties.

Our Service - What do Asthma Waikato customers get?

We listen, we educate and we act – we make a difference

  • We educate - Education helps clients better understand what happens in their body when they get asthma, how their medication helps and highlights potential triggers
  • We make it simple – We provide advice and tips to simplify how people manage their asthma on a day to day basis – staying as well as they can possibly be
  • We help them stop smoking - Smoking cessation referrals are made to help people in this area
  • We are their voice – We link people with the right organisations to get their environment right e.g. liaising with landlords/Housing NZ when damp, mouldy houses are causing asthma symptoms
  • We give them our time - Many situations are complex e.g. multiple caregivers, complicated social issues and we spend as long as is necessary with every client to get the best outcome for them
  • We use our expertise -  We make sure children are on the right medicine, the right dose, the right device and they know how to take in the right way at the right time. We follow up regularly and keep working with you until your child is on the least amount of medicine to achieve the best result.

For more information on the services we provide, please

Currently in New Zealand 586,000 school days a year are missed by children with respiratory conditions.

Of the asthmatics we helped last year, nearly 99% were under 15 years old – those children and their families are now more able to live full, active lives not limited by asthma.

Our Charity Status

Asthma & Respiratory Services (Waikato) Inc trades as Asthma Waikato, is a registered charity.


We believe strongly in what we do and how we do it. But why trust what we say - check out some testimonials from the people we help and support. Health is so important and therefore put any anxious thoughts to rest, knowing that other customers have been happy and satisfied after working with us.

Did You Know...

Over half of those we helped last year were children referred to us by the hospital – and that number is increasing. Please help us by sponsoring or supporting in any way you can to make sure they never have to experience the upset of watching their children struggle to breathe again. And to make sure children never have to experience the trauma of not being able to breathe.

Kiwis of all ages are dying from asthma each year!

You can help save their lives by supporting us to educate and prevent this happening...
For general enquiries, email or call 07 838 0851
Alternatively, contact us by using our other details or contact form

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