Spirometry Testing

It is imperative you are correctly trained in what you are doing.

If you have not passed our core spirometry course then the first option is for you. If you have passed this core course within the last two years and looking to keep your certification then the second option, a re-certification course is for you. *

* Ensure you've read and understood the course Terms & Conditions before signing up.

Our courses are the gold standard in spirometry training.

Some feedback from our attendees:

"...excellent information..."
"…really educational, a great educator and explanations were so easy to understand..."
"...it has been a great course and I now feel so much more confident..."
"...very enjoyable and I would recommend others to attend..."

Kiwis of all ages are dying from asthma each year!

You can help save their lives by supporting us to educate and prevent this happening...
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