Impact of asthma and COPD

  • It's scary, especially when it is you or your child who is unable to draw breath
  • It's stressful, you or your child want to be active but you are concerned about an asthma attack
  • It impacts on life, you may miss work, your child may miss school
  • It impacts on friendships, having to say no to invitations or work means people may stop asking
  • It impacts on family, those with COPD can become less and less active
  • It makes others feel helpless, they may not know what to do to help

98% of hospitalisations due to respiratory issues could have been avoided if the individual or their family had known more about their condition. In New Zealand 586,000 days of school are missed each year by children with respiratory conditions and 99% of those we see each year are under 15 years of age. Asthma Waikato has therefore developed a range of educational and support services aimed a raising better awareness to prevent these avoidable and stressful incidents. However, we need your support in providing these much needed services. Your gifts will enable the team here to provide the essential educational and support services needed across our community.

Learn about the respiratory conditions:

Read more about both conditions many kiwi's suffer with.
There's a number of ways you can be involved...
We have a wide range of ways you can be involved and support us. From a donation of money to time. It could be a one-off or a regular thing. Giving demonstrates commitment to supporting our aims and ensures we can continue to help those in our community and the families within it. Did you know that you can even host your own fundraising event and donate the proceeds to Asthma Waikato? Fundraising events are fun and Asthma Waikato is a great cause. Or have you ever struggled with an idea for a present for a friend or loved one? Have you thought about making a donation to Asthma Waikato and giving that donation as a gift?

1/. Make a Donation

Make a one off donation

Fund raising events

Make an on-going donation

Sponsorship and corporate giving

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2/. Give a Gift

Donating by gifting items, products or services

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Whatever your support we are always thankful and it's always welcome.

Don't have access to a computer or the Internet? Would like to make a donation or gift? Have ideas of how we might be able to help you help us continue working with people and families in the Waikato with asthma or COPD? Please get in touch.

Kiwis of all ages are dying from asthma each year!

You can help save their lives by supporting us to educate and prevent this happening...
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