COPD Exercise Class Review

"Wednesday is early lunch and off to the Beerescourt Bowling Club rooms. Shona greets us at the door, checks on how we are then it is a pleasure to look round the room and see old friends and welcome new ones. Neil arrives with his music and exercise equipment and off we go for an hour of gentle exercise and lots of fun (and some puffing). I feel Neil is the secret of success of the group. We have known him since he was a bachelor and have followed his progress through dancing classes, travel, meeting his future wife, wedding, more travel, becoming a marathon runner, and much more. He drops in comments on current topics and we can swap opinions on anything from sport to TV and politics all the while keeping various body parts moving. The highlight is when we get to use the exercise balls, passing them round the circle, then bouncing them at each other. Who would have thought we could have so much fun at our age? A cup of tea, biscuit, chat, clean up and home for a much needed rest."

Barbara Hubbard


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