Waikato Hospital Review of Asthma Waikato Service

To whom it may concern,

I have been using the services of Asthma Waikato from the time that I joined the Paediatric Service at Waikato Hospital, as a locum Paediatrician, in early July 2016.

I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the service that [Asthma Waikato] has provided for the children (and their respective families) that have been referred to Asthma Waikato. [They] have met up with the families promptly, made thorough assessments of those factors contributing to their respiratory disease, and provided comprehensive education relevant to the many aspects critical to obtaining optimal health. [Their] letters are informative, comprehensive, well organised and easy to read.

I thoroughly endorse the very important work that Asthma Waikato does on behalf of the families of this community, in dealing with what is a complex and difficult condition. When managing children in secondary care, as inpatients or in our clinics., we are inevitably limited in our understanding of relevant environmental factors and practices, being fully reliant on information provided by parents and caregivers. [Asthma Waikato's] letters however, help fill in many 'gaps' in our knowledge. Additionally, [their] follow up within the community enables a review of progress and an opportunity to reinforce key messages that we are attempting to convey. [Their] attention to detail is impressive and can only benefit the families of this community.

It has been a pleasure to work alongside of Asthma Waikato. I find that I can genuinely relax with children referred to them, because of the confidence I have in the quality of service that they deliver.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Viliame Sotutu MBChB FRACP DTM&H
Locum Paediatrician Waikato Hospital


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