Respiratory Nurse Educator visits the COPD group

The COPD Support and Exercise Group meets every Wednesday, 1 pm at the Beerescourt Bowling Club, 68A Maeroa Road, Hamilton. Recently the Respiratory Nurse Educator gave an education session there.

“We were so please to have the Respiratory Nurse Educator come to our COPD Support and Exercise group on May 17th 2017. I thanked her for coming at the end of the session and felt that she gave the best and clearest information about the correct use of whatever asthma puffers we were using, whether symbicort which I use, or puffers that need to be used with a spacer. She also demonstrated these devices and a spacer. As a former teacher of young children myself, I recognised her ability to use such clear explanations which she will have needed when working with children herself. Her session was extremely beneficial and the group thoroughly enjoyed the update.”

Gwen Kentish


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