Skipper's Journey With Asthma

“This is the story of my now 3 year old daughter Skipper, and our journey so far with asthma."

"From very early on my daughter was constantly coughing and bringing up phlegm. She seemed to always be sick and until she turned 3 years old we all had many restless nights full of tears, frustration and confusion. I couldn't count the number of visits to the doctor we had that ended up with antibiotics for a viral cough, or suggestions that never really did fit any of Skipper’s symptoms. 

What I can count is the number of times that someone sat down with Skipper and I and asked questions, listened, explained and recommended where to next. ONE. Making contact with Asthma Waikato was something that has completely changed the way that Skipper experiences day to day life. Not only did we receive amazing support and medication knowledge, but we now actually  understand asthma and how it affects it Skipper, having been taught this through images, text and dialogue so that not only I, as Skipper’s mother, could understand, but also in a way that involved my child. Skipper’s asthma is now so well controlled that we experience none of the symptoms that Skipper used to face on a daily basis.

The best thing is that I know I can pick up the phone the moment I have any queries and I will be completely supported by this organisation. I will forever be grateful for the empowerment that Asthma Waikato has given me through sharing their knowledge.”

Jaimee Laban, Skipper’s mother. 15.08.2018


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