A very happy Whanau

We have had the pleasure of helping a lovely family from the South Waikato recently. This is their story. We can help you too: 0-15 year olds living in the Waikato with asthma. Our services are free.

This happy mum writes:

"We have been working closely with Asthma Waikato for the better part of a year to manage and control our 12 year old daughter’s asthma. When we first touched base with the Asthma Waikato team our daughter who is otherwise healthy, was on many different asthma medications and still suffering from constant bouts of respiratory sickness, frequent asthma attacks and many trips to the hospital for steroids and nebuliser doses. Her quality of life was severely hindered due to her, what I deem to have been, 'severe' asthma.

We worked closely with the AW team and a paediatrician to carefully review her medication as well as her method and consistency of administrating the medicine. The team was thorough and careful, making sure to eliminate any other precursor issues before changing medication. Once medication was recommended and changed, detailed follow up and informative care was provided to ensure best use practice ensued.

Miss 12 has been using the new medication for 2 months and is a new girl. We have had no illnesses, trips to the hospital or bouts of shortness of breath. Our daughter is enjoying participating in 3 sports and regularly runs around the block for fun, something we would’ve all been worried about six months back. We can not thank the Asthma Waikato team enough for their help in getting our daughter back to her fighting fit state.

I may add, all this was done from distance via phone calls, emails and zoom conference calls.
Thank you again Asthma Waikato.

Nga Mihi Nui,
A very happy Whanau"


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