Feedback - A Lifesaver

Gillian reached out to us to share her experience with us - we are so humbled to be able to help people like Gillian and her family- and we can help you too! Referrals and consults with us are free.

"Our consultation with Asthma Waikato was a life-saver for us, in lots of different ways. Our son (age 7) is the first person in our family to have asthma, and we had it under control until all of a sudden we didn’t and he got a lot worse really quickly. He’d recover from his attacks, but his asthma started to really impact his schooling, and we’d notice him avoid doing anything physical. Our doctor and the hospital staff were always amazing, but we’d be in panic-mode or in a rushed appointment and struggled to understand the technical advice we were given. We’re so grateful that we connected with Asthma Waikato and had the opportunity to speak via Zoom for over an hour, and have all of our questions answered in simple terms along with diagrams and demonstrations. They went through everything step-by-step and we realised we were doing several little things wrong that meant the medication wasn’t as effective. Now we’re doing everything correctly, our son is back to his old self and we went through winter without a single hospital visit. We are so very grateful! "


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