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Membership is totally FREE and a great way to support Asthma Waikato.

Asthma and Respiratory Services (Waikato) Inc trades as Asthma Waikato. We are an Incorporated Society and encourage people to become a member of our Society to show your support for the work that we do and help us to support you and your family better. We will not pass your information onto any third parties without prior consent and it's only used to communicate directly with you.

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Asthma Waikato Society Constitution

As part of being an incorporated society we have to have a constitution that outlines everything. Please feel free to read this if you are interested in further understanding our service and what we do.

Membership is FREE but support us further >

We greatly appreciate any donation you can make to support us in the work that we do....

For general enquiries, call 07 838 0851 or email us
Alternatively, contact us by using our other details or contact form here

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