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Your will is Important

Providing for those you leave behind is important. It offers peace of mind, knowing that your assets will go to the very people and places you have chosen because they were important to you throughout your life. It is a way of ensuring that your final wishes are fulfilled. Throughout your life circumstances are always changing and it is important that your Will reflects those changes.

"Please include Asthma Waikato in your Will"

Leaving a bequest to Asthma Waikato will extend your legacy for the betterment of many. Your gift should be considered as an investment in the future wellbeing of your immediate family, friends and loved ones. It is also and opportunity to make a difference to thousands of New Zealanders, right now and in years to come. It is a means of giving beyond your lifetime, in a way that is important to you and will contribute to the ongoing management of respiratory conditions such as Asthma and COPD for generations to come.

It all makes a difference

Large or small - any bequest that we receive will make a difference to those living with respiratory conditions young and old - it could even be your grandchildren. Every dollar will help us in our efforts in the community to:

  • provide comprehensive awareness, education and support
  • work towards keeping kids out of hospital
  • reduce the avoidable drain on public health resources
  • enabling people to gain control over their condition and live life to the full

Take Action

There are many ways in which you can bequeath your estate and below are some examples:

Leave a legacy
- create a bequest to Asthma Waikato that honours your life and values or a loved one. This can be achieved by providing a significant gift to Asthma Waikato through a Trust. If that is a daunting prospect, we have a Trust in place.

Thinking outside of the box
- a bequest can include a number of different assets such as jewellery, art, real estate life insurance, stocks and shares or any other disposable asset. These call all be gifted to Asthma Waikato.

Charitable gifting during your life - some generous people have gifted their family home or bach but have reserved the right to remain living in that or a replacement home for their lifetime.

Residue or percentage of your Estate - after providing for your family and loved ones you can nominate Asthma Waikato to receive the residue of your estate or even a percentage of your estate

"I give (a specific share of the residue/or the percentage of/or a specified gift) to Asthma & Respiratory Services (Waikato) Inc. for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of the Operational Manager or other appointed officer, shall be full and sufficient charge for the said bequest"

Whatever your support we are always thankful and it's always welcome.

Not that tech savvy? Would still like to make a donation or gift? Alternatively, you have ideas of how we might be able to help you help us continue working with people and families in the Waikato with Asthma or COPD? Whatever it is, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

For general enquiries, call 07 838 0851 or email us
Alternatively, contact us by using our other details or contact form here

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