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Recently I had a client who lived in an older freezing home. Both she and her two small daughters have asthma with one having frequent ICU admissions. The new baby girl had several attacks of bronchiolitis with one admission to ICU. Even though she was under 1 year of age, because of the family history, a diagnosis of asthma was made and she was commenced on preventer medication.

The family moved house into a warmer home, insulated and with efficient heating. This has improved the children's health and the mum was making an effort to give the preventer medication regularly to the children.

The older daughter had an appointment with a paediatrician at the hospital and the mum rang me and asked if there was any chance that she could have the baby seen at the same time. I contacted the nurse at the Clinic and sent in a referral for the whole family. Both children were seen and everyone was happy. Just another small way that we can make things easier for families with asthmatic children.

Asthma Waikato Respiratory Nurse


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