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May 14, 2018

“When people know the ‘why’ they’re more likely to comply”

The Asthma STAR system is primarily for use with children who have been prescribed a metered dose inhaler (MDI/puffer). There are some key points that we need families to take home with them after their consult with us. Often we give a lot of informa...
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Did you know? 1 in 7 kids have asthma. 550,000 school days are lost to asthma every year? World Asthma Day / Balloon Day is a day to pause and think about your breathing and spare a thought for those who have no choice but to think about it constantly. We are running a ...
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We know that summer is a busy time for most, so to simplify things for you, we have listed a few tips for keeping in control of your asthma (or your children’s asthma) throughout these warmer months: Be organised! Check your medications/inhalers and spacers Do you need a n...
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“Thank you so much for your time, advice and support. I am thrilled to advise that since we met with you, my daughter Alyssa’s asthma has improved 100%. I am also pleased to advise that my whole family are now fully informed and have been supporting Alyssa’s asthma pla...
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Sailor's New Adventure

February 10, 2017

A brave new adventure for Sailor, the Asthma Champion

Asthma Waikato were delighted to have Teresa Demetriou and Chris Lam Sam from the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of NZ attend our celebration event on Feb 7th 2017 in order to officially wish Sailor the Pufferfish well on his new role. Sailor the Pufferfish was born in th...
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A New Look

February 7, 2017

A new look, website and location for Asthma Waikato

Asthma Waikato has a long and solid history, serving the respiratory needs of the Waikato for over 40 years, with the vision that respiratory illness is no longer a barrier to a full life....
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Pippa's Story

January 17, 2017
After three hospital admissions with breathing problems over the winter in 2015, and three admissions from 2013-2014, my then three year old daughter Phoebe was diagnosed with asthma. We had a referral to Asthma Waikato to discuss a management plan. This was a huge relief, a...
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COPD Exercise Class Review

December 14, 2016
Hello my name is Ivan and I have been diagnosed with COPD. After hearing about the exercise classes that Asthma Waikato were running I decided I would go and see what it was all about which is a big thing for me as I am very shy. The first time I went I found it more enjoyab...
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Recently I had a client who lived in an older freezing home. Both she and her two small daughters have asthma with one having frequent ICU admissions. The new baby girl had several attacks of bronchiolitis with one admission to ICU. Even though she was under 1 year of age, b...
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Recently a G.P. referred a lady for spirometry (lung function testing). Her symptoms were continual shortness of breath impacting on her daily activities. There was no history of asthma in the family, she had never smoked or worked in conditions that may affect her breathing...
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