Asthma Waikato Spirometry Course

The Next Asthma Waikato Spirometry Course is: VIRTUAL

NOTE — We currently run our course as an online, virtual course, as per the format below.

Aug 31st - Sep 1st 2022

Virtual places still available.
Cost: $580 per person excl GST.

Our Virtual Course Structure.

Wednesday 31st Aug 2022
9am - 4pm/5pm*: Theory
(allowance for technical isuues)

Thursday 1st Sep 2022
9am – 12pm: Theory
12pm – 3pm: Practicals
3am – 4pm: Exam

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Next Course Dates TBA

Please check back again soon.
Cost: $580 per person excl GST.

Register Your Interest.

Although dates are yet to be released, register your interest and we will be in touch as soon as new course dates are arranged.

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Course Overview


The first day is theory, and you will be able to ask questions as you go. Regular breaks will occur throughout the Zoom where you can go and get a cuppa or have a restroom break, then log back on. At the end of the Wednesday you will be given a homework task to complete before meeting again the next day.


From 12 noon – 3 pm on the Thursday you will be having a one-to-one Zoom with the course tutor, to check practical competency. You will need to be available in the time slot you are given when you register, and sometime in that ‘time window’ the tutor will call you to jump on the Zoom. The tutor will share their screen with you so you can see the machine output, and you will coach her through a spirometry test, and analyse and interpret the results you see from her screen.

Exam & Homework

At some stage on the Thursday afternoon, you will be given a Google Forms link to complete an online exam. This will need to be submitted for assessment. The exam is to check your learning and provide feedback to both you and your tutor about what areas (if any) you are struggling in.


The portfolio submission will remain the same as it always is and the requirements of this will be explained fully during the course. You will need to be able to submit at least 10 test results for auditing, along with biological control and calibration results, within the time frame you are given (3 months). You will need to attain a pass rate of 80% or more in order to gain certification.   

We understand that this is different to learning in a classroom and may suit some and not others. However, there are some real benefits to be gained from an online course:

  • no need to travel
  • less time off work
  • no need for expensive accommodation
  • retains a classroom environment, rather than a fully online ‘do it yourself’ style with no tutor interaction.

If these courses are successful then it is very likely that this is how we will run our courses in the future.

If you have any questions please email us: or call us on 07 838 0851.

Apex Medical are the proud supporters of the Asthma Waikato Spirometry Course.

Spirometry Testing

If you are performing spirometry testing then you NEED to attend this training course. Your client's welfare depends upon it.

Spirometry is one of the very few medical tests that require a substantial effort from the patient in order for it to be successful. It's critical that the person performing the test is able to not only encourage the patient but is also able to pick up technique errors or performance errors that relate to the test being obsolete. This requires knowledge of "interpretation" during the real time testing.
There is a risk with performing spirometry, as with most medical tests. Carrying out this procedure without a history or background of the patient can be risky. If, for example a test was performed on someone who is badly asthmatic but has no knowledge of the condition and therefore is on no medication, the procedure could result in bronchospasm. If this goes unnoticed by the person carrying out the test there is a very real possibility of airway closure. Therefore, for safety reasons it is critical the person doing the test understands the basic physiology of the respiratory system and can interpret the real time results appropriately. We recommend that anyone carrying out spirometry testing completes the two day course as this will arm them with the knowledge and tools required to accurately complete the test.
  • Do you know how to correctly interpret the results?
  • Are you sure you are performing the test correctly?
  • Are you aware of all the contraindications to testing?
  • Do you understand the importance of calibration and know how to do it correctly?
The way you do your testing and the result of your spirometry test, which you put your name to, determines whether your client's illness is correctly diagnosed or not, whether they pass their airforce pre-medical or not, whether they are well enough to return to work or not. Sometimes a simple lack of calibration or lack of care with the equipment is enough to provide false results.

Our course is the gold standard in spirometry training

Some feedback from our attendees:

"...excellent information..."
"…really educational, a great educator and explanations were so easy to understand..."
" has been a great course and I now feel so much more confident..."
"...very enjoyable and I would recommend others to attend..."

Wrong Course? Need Re-certification?

It is imperative you are correctly trained in what you are doing

Even if you have been doing spirometry testing for years, you need to make sure you are doing it correctly.

What you will learn on the course

This course is designed and run by a Clinical Physiologist. It is an interactive course to learn more about spirometry, understand the international guidelines for the performance of quality spirometry and develop both your skills and confidence in maintaining and using your spirometer.

This course follows ATS/ERS guidelines. In order to gain a certificate of competency, which is valid for two years, the following expectations must be met:

  • Full attendance on the course
  • Fulfilment of portfolio submission requirements, which includes submission of at least 10 test results for auditing purposes, along with calibration log and biological control log. This portfolio will be marked and the participant must gain at least an 80% pass in order to be awarded certification.

Attending the two day course also offers each person a point of contact for troubleshooting and support.

NOTE: Certification is for two years. After this recertification will be required.
Check out our Re-certification Course for this.


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Kiwis of all ages are dying from asthma each year!

You can help save their lives by supporting us to educate and prevent this happening...
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