"We had a nurse from Asthma Waikato come to Bunnies for an information evening. We had a good mix of staff and parents attend, 15 altogether. We received information on preventers and the correct way to use and care for spacers. We also learned more about the correct use of ...
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"The team from Asthma Waikato recently visited Woodstock School and spoke with the staff. We have a student with frequent hospitalisations and this was an opportunity for the team to clarify his ongoing treatment and was a timely refresher for all staff about the triggers/ca...
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"The Asthma Waikato nurse delivered a workshop to all staff after school. We invited her in as we have a student with severe asthma for whom we are helping deliver her plan. All staff I have spoken to this morning were more than happy with the workshop. Great delivery, non-j...
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